Sweet Baby Feet | 2oz Wax Melt | Signature Collection


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Warm Vanilla & Baby Powder

Introducing our Sweet Baby Feet Wax Melt – the essence of cuddles and tiny toes in a jar! Picture this: you, a new parent, taking in that oh-so-heavenly scent of your newborn's feet after a bath, thinking, "I wish I could bottle this up." Well, we've done just that! Our wax melt blends the heartwarming notes of warm vanilla and the comforting aroma of baby powder to recreate that irresistible fragrance. It's not just a wax melt; it's a nostalgic trip down memory lane, capturing the magic of those precious moments. So, why settle for regular wax melts when you can have the sweet scent of baby feet in your space? Light it up, and let the cozy memories flood in. Because every home deserves a touch of baby magic, minus the diaper changes!

Coconut blend in 6 cavity plastic breakaway clamshell container

Color options include pink or blue

2oz (57g)

Contains phthalates

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